DICTIONARY Kinyarwanda

sell, to - kugurisha send, to - kohereza, gutuma send away, to - guheza ..... survive (a calamity), to - guhonoka suspect, to - gukeka suspicion, to -...

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born of, to be - gukomoka borrow, to - kugurana, gutira kuguriza (actual article to be replaced), kuguza (esp. money) boss - (female) - mabuja. (male) - databuja.

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Type the word in English or Spanish spelling it as close to correctly as possible: flat .... There you will see all the choices that will help you say what you mean.

unknown words they come across while reading. The teacher works with students to clar- ify the meanings of the new words. The words in the dictionaries can ...

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Very young children and beginning English speakers are encouraged ... sound, morphological structure (such as past tense words), or by content and topic. Sec ...

War Chief. One Place. Keep Secret. Won. Move On Water. Counter-act. Little Water. Apache. Defend ... Machine Gun. Magnetic. Maneuver. Manufacture.

Dec 14, 2012 - Data standards for the Education Insight data warehouse and performance management dashboards ... EducationOrganization Identity Column ... Name. Datatype. Definition. AcademicSubjectTypeId. INTEGER. Key for ...

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